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Five years can make or break a person, in this case, they broke Dodger and then built her back up. After graduation she had a fall out with her parents where she practically lost all of the money she counted with for college to pay tuition and such, and being accepted into one of the best Universities in London, it was obvious it wasn’t going to come easy or cheap. To this, Dodger didn’t dare turn her cheek and let herself be slapped around. Instead, she cut off all ties with her parents, used her trust fund thanks to legal actions and she managed to cost the first two years of her University life. Afterwards, she found herself working in a magazine where she was an intern that later promoted her, paying her good money, at least enough to pay her studies along with her rooming program. She adjusted very well to the culture over there, taking the European aura and just letting go of all of the hate and anger she once felt as a teenager. Of course Dodger Prince still has her sass and bitchiness, but it’s not to the point where she would be rude to someone. It didn’t work like that in the real world, she noticed. Instead, she found herself being classier, elegant, polite and well mannered. People gravitated towards her easier and she found herself being the center of attention many times — especially by men. If only she cared, but she didn’t. Dodger didn’t have time for men or relationships. Her career and making her own money was more important than any love affair she could afford to sustain. The only men in her life were either gay or her bosses. No other. When holidays came, Dodger spent quite some time in Greenfield, but never over staying her necessary time. She spent time with the Thorne’s since they became her new safe house, the place where she felt loved and accepted. As for living, she established herself in the heart of London, along with her PR company called Dark Horse. It’s still up and rising, but from the reviews it’s gotten it’s making it’s splash. 

Now that Dodger is back at Greenfield, Dodger doesn’t really know how to feel about everything. The place holds many memories she loves yet many painful ones as well. She’ll make the best out of it, like always. Keeping her mind on the money and knowing she’s only there for a temporary time, her life already made back in London. 


  • Veronica Sparks: Life long friend, almost sister, "We spent every moment we could together, travelling back and forth, meeting half way. We talk always, we keep in contact. Hello, I cannot live without that woman. We’re very Sex and The City actually! Aside from her, my favorite person in this whole world is baby Serena. I don’t get to see her much but I love her immensely."
  • Derek Morrison: the only man in her life, "My darling boy. He’s the only man allowed in my bedroom that I won’t worry about wanting to fuck me or get my money. He’s the best I could ever ask for and I’m grateful for him. He keeps me company, takes me to galas and we’re just classy motherfuckers, honestly."
  • Oliva Cook: the weight to Earth, “Liv, my sweetie. She keeps me grounded and light, even when she’s being a little crazy in the head. I love her to death and I’m glad we got closer. I wouldn’t be this sane if it wasn’t for her. She’s the Ying to my Yang.”
  • Ian Rhodes: the timed love, "Easy going, unattached, strictly physical and he’s also very good in bed. Whenever we meet up we catch up and we catch up good. He’s always been very sweet to me and I love him like a .. friend. Yeah."
  • Jackeline Baker: associate, employee, "With such a beautiful face like Jackie I couldn’t help but extend her an invitation to join my team. She’s flawless and she was the first face I thought of when I wanted someone to represent my company. We’re close and I trust her very much.
"It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age…"
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